Olivia Jane Richardson AKA Simply Liv is a 13 year old Gymnast born on April 26, 2004 in Ohio. She has two brothers named Wyatt and Brody. She is the oldest child in the family. She used to be friends with Annie LeBlanc but Caleb's Death broke their friendship apart. She went private all over social media due to all hate but later went publicly again and also starting to communicate with her former teammates.

Facts about Liv Richardson:

  • Her Real Name is Olivia Jane Richardson
  • She is only 13 years old
  • She used to be homeschooled
  • She used to be good friends with Annie LeBlanc
  • She is now on 8th Grade
  • She loves Stitch
  • She still lives in Maryland
  • In her last YouTube Video, She revealed all the rumors that her and Annie didn't get into a big fight before switching gyms.
  • Her is @lįvvv, her instagram is @olivia.j.richardson and her new snapchat is @heyyoitsliv
  • Her Facebook is now public
  • She hates Jelly Beans
  • She is the former member of Coral Girls
  • She didn't want to join on a dance team called Flair 3.0
  • Her Internet Best Friend is Mackenzie Ziegler
  • She loves Riverdale
  • She said She didn't want to have a youtube channel anymore due to hate on 2018.
  • Her Birth Sign is Taurus
  • She attend Playlist Live once
  • She and her family used to have a family vlogging channel called Why not Liv out loud bro?
  • Annie LeBlanc's Dad Billy found out Liv has lied about the drama of Caleb's Death
  • She has a new friend named Annie Gruner
  • Liv is the former of Coral Gir

Liv's Social Media:

Instagram: olivia.j.richardson lįvvv

Facebook: Olivia J Richardson

Snapchat: heyyoitsliv

Twitter: _simply_liv

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