Madison "Moo" Sidney (born 8 September 2005) is a former gymnast who used to be a Level 8 Coral Girl. She has a YouTube channel called In Mad's World and a gymnastics YouTube channel called In Mad's Gym.

Personal Life

Moo was born on 8 September 2005 in Maryland. She has an older brother named Kyle.


Moo began gymnastics at three years old. Before she stopped gymnastics, she was training USAG Level 9 and competed with Hill's Gymnastics, and had since 2016. She has also competed with 1st Class Gymnastics from 2011-2016.

She began homeschooling in 2015 in order to focus on gymnastics.


  • She used to be a Coral Girl, but isn't anymore.
  • After switching gyms, she seems to have stopped vlogging. Her most recent vlog, "Crunchy Hot Dog?!?!", was posted on 7 August 2016.
  • She is the only Level 8 Coral Girl to have competed a close-to-bar skill on bars (toe-on circle), not including clearhip circles.
  • When she was a Coral Girl, she was the tallest on the team, but also the youngest.
  • The name of her YouTube channel is a play on the song "Mad World" by Gary Jules.

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